Our Philosophy
here at knuckle & claw we’ve had it up to here (lift hand above head)
it’s almost unconstitutional to ask a lobster lover to pay for a fresh maine lobster roll
that is filled with more celery, more mayonnaise, and more fillers than it does lobster.
c’mon – all we want is: fresh maine lobster
– fly it in overnight from the cold waters of maine.
give me a quarter pound of meat and skip the tail
– just tender knuckles & claws for me.
go easy on the mayonnaise and drizzle some of that hot lemon butter on top.
does it sound too good to be true? it inst!
but we will take it to the next level by sprinkling some of nikki’s secret seasoning on top.
OG Knuckleheadss

nikki booth

ratio: 15% knuckle ≠ 35% claw
height: 5′ 9″
weight: 115lbs
eye color: green or blue
hair color: brown
hometown: las vegas
university: university of hawaii
sport: tennis
style: authentic harry potter swag
food: molten lava chocolate cake
color: indigo
city: new york city
season: fall
chloe dahl

ratio: 35% knuckle ≠ 15% claw
height: 5′ 11 and 3/4″
weight: 150lbs
eye color: hazelnut
hair color: dirty blonde
hometown: martha’s vineyard
university: mills college
sport: goal keep (soccer)
style: ray bands
food: lobster
color: navy blue
city: amsterdam
season: spring


3112 w. sunset blvd.,
silverlake, ca 90026

sun – thur ≠ 11a – 10p
fri – sat ≠ 11a – 11p

santa monica

2715 main street,
santa monica, ca 90405

sun – thur ≠ 11a – 10p
fri – sat ≠ 11a – 11p

media contact

sarah jenkins
white oak communications


got a lazy resume?
put it to work


for every celebration
under the sun,
a knucklehead knows
how to get the job done

Knuckle & Claw

Rustic-quaint spot offering lobster & crab sandwiches, grilled cheese, clam chowder & patio seating.